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"Tapping into Wealth is a profoundly transformational programme."

You log in and listen to each module at your own convenience.

Completely Private - Your personal information or circumstances will never be shared.

Are you sick and tired of never earning the kind of money you deserve from your art?

Do you honestly believe that artists have to starve and suffer for their art?

Do you wonder when your suffering is going to end?

I have helped artists just like you increase their income and transform their finances by uncovering and eliminating their subconscious blocks to wealth.

For most artists, just thinking about paying the bills brings up a lot of stress.

Whether you're in debt, or just getting by - living hand to mouth, or even if you're doing well and pushing forward to create the financial future you want, but aren't quite there yet; I think you'd probably agree with me on this one thing...

You'd like to have more money, less stress, and more freedom to be able to do what you want in your life.

My friend and mentor Margaret Lynch, wrote the book, Tapping into Wealth and I became one of her very first authorized Tapping into Wealth Coaches. I have helped artists just like you uncover the hidden money programming and subconscious beliefs that are limiting your wealth - right now.

During this programme you will
  • Create your own confidential Money Map - a complete and far reaching tool that will give you laser focused clarity on the beliefs that have been secretly controlling you up until now
  • Free yourself to start earning more money, eliminate debt and create wealth. You will uncover and clear the reasons you create debt or sabotage your savings
  • Reclaim your self-belief, self-trust and confidence toward your new goals. You will get in touch with your true passion, deepest dreams and desires
  • shift from "it's impossible or it will be really hard" to "I can do it and I deserve it!" Become more focused, action oriented by clearing the blocks that lead to procrastination and self-sabatoge
  • Clear your vow to be invisible and become more willing to be seen and share and sell your artwork in ways that lead to more money
  • Clear the biggest conflicts and inner doubts that affect your value, worthiness and unconscious fears enabling you to align your actions and goals with your deepest heart-felt intentions.

Everything you've tried until now, has gotten you right where you are...
Don't put off your financial success any longer!

If you're ready to transform your life and relationship to money, Tapping into Wealth is for you. The hidden programming you uncover and the techniques you learn during this programme will change your entire life - not just your finances.

You can transform your relationship with money for an investment of just £127.

By applying the principles in Tapping into Wealth you will gain far more than a return on your investment.

HOW IT WORKS - You log in and listen to the modules, download audios, transcripts, and exercises at your own convenience (you have one year from registration to complete the programme). You'll be invited to a closed Facebook Group to connect with other artists on the Tapping into Wealth journey so you can share our experiences and get support from peers, or just keep to yourself, it's entirely up to you.

If you're serious about investing in yourself and your financial future then Tapping into Wealth is for YOU.


Artist's Comments...

Kathryn - It has been an absolute pleasure working with you.

I didn't really know the full extent to which Tapping would apply in my life and I found it not only enormously helpful as a technique, but fascinating as a practice. I find it wonderful that a tool such as this can be used at any time and make such a positive impact immediately.

I understand your enthusiasm for Tapping and now apply it regularly in my life.

Caro Burberry

Having gone through Kathryn's Tapping into Wealth programme I've come to realise that a secret world of negative beliefs was underpinning my every thought around money. 

On the surface I wanted to be successful in monetary terms. And while I consciously craved financial success, there lay a deep down 'me' that actually had extreme resistances towards money, resistances embedded from a number of erroneous sources. 

How could I ever have hoped to have been financially successful while this deeper me felt such a deep-rooted opposition towards money?

I came to realise that deep down I secretly believed I didn't deserve to be financially successful; that money was  somehow bad; that coveting money was for the greedy, and so on and so forth. And on the surface I had no idea of these hidden feelings. I just couldn't attract money. But I didn't know why. And of course I couldn't attract money, I secretly despised money!

Kathryn and her perfectly structured programme allowed my negative, false beliefs around money to surface, and therefore allowed me, with Kathryn's guidance, to address them one by one. 

Now all my money feelings are congruent and positive, not negative and in conflict. 

Of course I was amazed at the negative resistances about money laying buried in my belief system. I highly recommend this programme for its ability to uproot such resistances. In fact I wonder how anyone with an interest in money could afford to NOT to do this programme!”

Anthony Parké

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If, after 3 sessions you don't feel like you've made significant progress in uncovering and changing your limiting beliefs, I will give you a full refund.