How can I best help you and your art business?


Historically an artist was completely dependant upon, and at the mercy of gallery owners and wealthy patrons.

Fortunately, the evolving art market and internet have changed all of that. Now more than any other time in history, an artist can find multiple ways of getting their art in front of an appreciative audience, develop relationships with galleries and collectors, and create a thriving business that allows them to share and be supported by their art.

Unfortunately, art schools, colleges and universities haven't quite caught up with the times and are not yet providing artists with the information and knowledge they need to develop those thriving businesses.

That's where I come in, for the moment at least, the fastest, easiest way to start or further develop your existing art business is by learning and putting into practice mindset, business and marketing skills that are relevant and essential to selling art.

If you've already invested time and energy into developing your artistic talent, but are not yet earning a living from your art, or you want to increase the revenue from an existing art business you owe it to yourself to invest in the business side of your art practise.

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Art Business Foundation
Getting in Galleries
Tapping into Wealth
Heart-Selling for Artists

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