Individual consultancies provide assessment, insight, guidance, and support on an introductory, intermediate, or advanced basis.

You propose areas that you want to cover or address and we work on them via email and over the phone.


Among other things consultancies can help you:

  • Determine where you are in your career at present and set goals for where you want to be,
  • Analyze your marketing and explore options for growth and improvement,
  • Design a one-year plan to propel your art practice forward,
  • Prepare for an upcoming event such as an exhibition.
  • Develop a plan for assessing and approaching galleries.


    Get Started with an Introductory Consultancy

    If you know you want more from your art business, but you're not sure whether courses, consulting or coaching would be best for you then this is the place to start.

    To begin I'll send you two questionnaires to complete.

    Once you return them to me we'll set up a 30 minute phone appointment.

    Following your call I'll send you a summary report and action plan based on our call.

    Many artists find this report alone provides them with enough new ideas to radically transform their art business.


    Your Investment £65

    Website Analysis

    Twenty years ago an artist without gallery representation had a very difficult time earning a living from the sale of their art.

    The internet has transformed the way that artists sell their work and your website can be one of your most valuable tools.

    The problem is that many artists focus so much on selling that they miss the opportunity to turn their website into a valuable business tool for marketing and building relationships with clients, gallery owners and potential collectors.

    This in depth website review covers all the areas you'd expect:

  • Making sure your website shows off your work.
  • Checking layout, menus, and links from various browsers
  • Reviewing structure and ease of use
  • But it also goes far beyond these topics and looks at:

  • Marketing - does your website enable you to connect and build relationships with visitors?
  • Content - does it excite and captivate the viewer, ensuring that visitors keep coming back?
  • Sales - Are you making it easy for people to buy art or services from you, be they original works, prints, commissions, tuition or other services?
  • I've been working with online commerce sites since the early 90s when I lived in California at the peak of the dot-com boom. For the past 5 years I've focused more specifically on the use of websites as tools for connecting with and building relationships with customers and potential clients. I also spend hundreds of hours keeping up with, and staying on top of the latest trends in online marketing.

    My forte is in combining my business expertise with the aesthetic sensitivity required to show your art in the best possible light.

    Within 2 weeks of payment and receipt of your url (website address) you'll receive a comprehensive written report with suggested changes, additions and resources to improve your site

    This isn't a tic the box review, it is a detailed analysis just for you.


    Your Investment £95

    Marketing Crossword Puzzle

    Intermediate & Advanced Consultancy

    Intermediate Consultancy includes:

  • Review of your Business Fact Sheet & Primary Business Goals.
  • Review of your marketing materials, including website as above.
  • A multi-page report with summary analysis of the above including suggested changes, additions and resources to reach your goals.

    Your Investment £295

    Advanced Consultancy includes:

  • Review of your Business Fact Sheet & marketing materials and website (as above).
  • 45 minute phone or Skype interview to discuss your business goals & primary focus.
  • Research & analysis regarding your goals & primary focus.
  • 45 minute phone or Skype meeting to review research.
  • A Summary Report of the above including specific targets and action plans.

    Your Investment £465


    If you are interested in either the intermediate or advanced consultancy please send me an email by clicking on the post-it below. Tell me a little bit about you, your art business and what you hope to work on or achieve. Please include your phone number and the best time to get in touch with you. I will get back to you within 48 hours.

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