Goals and Mindset for Success

It's never too late to change or make plans for your life.
If this is the right time for you, then invest in your future and create the life you deserve.

"Everyday is the first day of a New Year."

It's easy to work hard, but not seem to get anywhere worthwhile.

Often a key reason is that you haven't spent enough time thinking about what you want or where you to be in the future.

Seldom do we set out on a journey without a clear idea of where we want to end up, but many people go through life without a road map or plan to follow - it's an easy way to get lost along the way, or come to the end of a road only to feel disappointed or frustrated that you're not somewhere else.

Goal setting is a powerful process for thinking about your ideal future, and for motivating yourself to turn your vision of this future into reality.

The process of setting goals helps you choose where you want to go and what you want from your life and business. It can help you identify what you want to achieve and where to concentrate your efforts to be successful, no matter how you measure success.

During this 15 day course you will...

  • Identify your objectives and commit to action
  • Set goals and outline your personal strategy
  • Take action and learn how to develop good habits
  • This course gives you personal development and practical planning tools to use over and over again in all areas of your life. A blend of mentoring, coaching and action steps to take your business and personal life to a new level.

    You will be ...

  • Accepting responsibility and taking control of your life
  • Assessing your current position
  • Charting a course for ongoing growth and development

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    NO RISK GUARANTEE - If, after DOING THE WORK, you don't feel like you got DOUBLE your money's worth I will give you a full refund of the course fee.


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    Current coaching clients or artists who have completed an online or live Your Art Image workshop or course within the past year are eligible for the half price Refresher Course & Current Student discount.


    Here's how this Fast-Track Course will work.

    Within 24 hours of enrolling you will receive an email with a link and password for the private Course blog. As soon as you do, follow the link and sign into the blog so I know you're ready to get started.

    Then, every weekday for three weeks a new lesson will be posted on the blog. There may be worksheets or audio files for you to download, but all the material will be there for you to see and download or print.

    You can leave comments and join in the conversation, or choose to work quietly on your own.

    You can open and read or listen to the files at your convenience from your home, studio or wherever you happen to be, at whatever time of day or night suits you. There are no scheduled class times and you are free to work at your own pace and as your schedule permits, but I highly recommend setting aside 45-60 minutes each day in a quiet place to get the most from each exercise.

    As with most things, you'll get from the course what you put in. The assignments will vary. You choose which projects and assignments that are most relevant to you and your circumstances. In any case, when you finish the course you'll be ready to face the year ahead.

    I provide: experience, knowledge, support, encouragement and feedback.

    You provide: the enthusiasm, positive attitude and willingness to be open to change.

    Kelvin Kathryn deLaszloPrize

    Kathryn with Kelvin Okafor receiving the de Laszlo prize for his drawing - Melvin

    What past participants say:

    Kathryn, you have hit the nail on the head for me in terms of tuning in to my goals. Sometimes I operate all over the place with my art and focus on the minor areas instead of the bigger ones.
    Your course has helped me to manage my time better to allow me to develop in my artistic practice and business knowledge. It’s been great to share thoughts with other artists and discover that many of us experience the same setbacks, problems, experiences

    Lesley Birch

    There has been so much good advice throughout this course and I am still working my way through it. The audio tapes have been fantastic and I know, by spending some more time on all of this that I can definitely move my art practice forward...

    Much as I would prefer to meet people, rather than sit in front of a computer, this is a great way of saving time and money on travel. It has therefor given me access to a course I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise!

    Nicky Callaby

    All I can say is that I just wish that I had found you a decade ago! Your work does feel absolutely sound, combining integrity and common sense...
    It has already cultivated increased confidence in me and a new more detached way of viewing my art practice; I'm growing new antennae!

    Christine Byron

    I'm going to reiterate what just about everybody else is saying: your course is wonderful! It brings everything together and gets you motivated to do things the right way. It also answers the questions about what is worth and not worth doing. I really am so glad I signed up for it.

    Lesley Thiel

    Just a quick note to say thank you for all the information so far. The course content and your thorough replies to comments have been fantastic. I’m learning a lot and feel very inspired.

    Paul Reagan

    Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your courses. In our self-employed, cope-best-you-can world, it is really good to have a voice of someone like you, guiding us, re-assuring and helping.
    I can tell that you live by your principles and have an amazingly productive life, which in itself is an inspiration. So thank you very much.

    Lydia Bauman